Sow Peace Everywhere

When you create the miracle of peace of mind for yourself and purposefully sow peace in every relationship, peace in your world naturally follows.

Peace everywhere–in our community, our organizations, our churches, our city, our country and our world–is possible when it emanates from within each individual.

That is what Sow Peace International means by world peace.

There will be people whose plans are different, however, critical mass prevails.

You are either contributing to peace, or sustaining its opposite. It’s your choice.

When peace emanates from you, it transforms you and your relationships and the effect is world peace, peace in your world that creates peace in the world.



We create inner peace to expand to creating world peace. Learn more at We can so glibly read personal growth books, or attend uplifting seminars and accept that phrase: our inner life creates our outer life. We may even respond with “Yes, of course.” I invite us to have a very reflective few moments to think about what this really means for us. Consider this:

You are sitting in a food court watching the families taking a supposedly quiet minute in the midst of their shopping. There, it is anything but quiet. As you sit and watch, what is happening in your mind. Are you smiling at the joyful expression on the baby’s face? Are you enjoying the feeling of sharing life with such wonderfully diverse folks? Are you thinking that people should discipline their children more? Are you having a rant about the amount of fast food people consume, especially one or two who are obviously vastly overweight?

Something as simple as a quick snack in a food court can send your inner life into judgment and dissatisfaction, or into love and appreciation. Which you choose is entirely up to you right in that minute. And, it will color the mood, energy and attitude you bring to the next minute, or the next interaction. Again, you’re in charge. You choose what you think.

When I wrote What You Pay Attention to Expands in 2002, I wanted to express the choices we engage in moment-to-moment that affect our lives: that our inner life creates our outer life on the most basic of levels. Of course, it all still applies now almost ten years later—and, it always will apply because I have had many more experiences that teach me that is the way it works.

Mostly, we don’t like this idea when it comes right down to applying it to our lives. It takes such vigilance.  I remember spending several years studying and teaching A Course in Miracles on Vancouver Island in Canada. A friend who was also a student of the Course and I had difficulty with the idea of giving up all judgment. What were we going to do with all those words—and, of course, our righteous indignation that our view had merit! So, to take a step in what we hoped would be the right direction we declared a “Judgment Gap.” This was our short-sighted solution: we would both spew out our judgments at the same time with all the emotion we cared to share and get it out of our systems with supposedly no one listening.

Oh, yeah, that really worked: NOT! The two step process of forming the judgments and expressing the judgments are really no different. If you do the first step, the deed is done. We were left with all that emotion, frustration, annoyance, irritation, exasperation and declared rightness and we were actually a few steps behind where we began. We still had to stop the judgments and their associated energies. Not so easy!

Our inner life creates our outer life. Our consciousness is the key to our expression.

No, it’s not easy. The world—the physical world and our humanness—would have us distracted, pushed, pulled, and sometimes shoved around by those circumstances, relationships and conditions that make such great stories to tell to garner sympathy and understanding. Even folks who express their desires to follow a wiser path, and discuss that freely with their similarly-minded friends, will then follow that discussion with righteous judgments of others who are not on their same path!

Finding what your inner life currently is and making it in the likeness and image of what you want it to be is a monumental task. You are lead to take time daily to reflect on who you are and what you really want, rather than who you have been told you are and what you are supposed to want.  This reflection may cause you to move away from things that no longer serve you and from people who are toxic to you. Hopefully, though, it will cause you to create, sustain and maintain the miracle of peace of mind, that inner peace that is unshakable. And, you will carry it into every relationship, circumstance, and condition in your life to make peace your basic operating principle.

Peace is not the same as passive. In fact, peace is very active, requiring consciousness to maintain. Peace has nothing to do with being a doormat, either. It requires us all to be both vigilant and diligent that every word we say, every behavior we demonstrate becomes one of alignment with our vision, our values, our beliefs and our purpose.

Peace come through us to the world. Be the peace you want to see in the world. It’s the only way it can happen!


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